Hey LADIES, One of my all-time favorite activities is relaxing. All I want to do is relax, as if work is important (Even though it pays my bills). No one can deny that there’s nothing more relaxing than a salon day, after a long day of work or chores, or simply after making my partner fold my laundry, surely I deserve a day to rejuvenate myself. However, it is quite intimidating to step into the right salon, and I can totally understand the dilemma of a bad experience. Which is why I am going to let you into some secrets that I do, to ensure that, you never have a bad day at salon.

All you need is love and a good salon:
Finding love can be a difficult task, but salon isn’t! because all you need is to do is scroll through their social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Instagram and look for good and bad reviews the salons have received from their clients. The social media active presence speaks a lot for the brand itself. So, take out some time for research and look for the right ones!

No, Thanks:
Is it just me or the nail lady desperately wants me to have red and white sparkly manicure. I swear it happens to me every time and before I know I am walking out with something I didn’t want or needed. A tip is to plan it out before you go in the salon, dial some numbers, look up the prices or maybe Contact their social media representatives. So the next time someone tells you, “you need to pluck your brows”, stand strong and as they say, “don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang”

Inhale the peace exhale the stress:
During the consultation, when your stylist asks you about the history of your hair, confine in them, let them know how that one night after an emotional breakdown you bleached your hair, and later on dyed it back to brunette. Clear communication is the key to successful salon visits and helps the stylist understand the look you want. Also, be honest with your views about them and do not pretend that you liked everything they did or suggested.

Save that Pound:
You need to hit the follow button of their social accounts so that you are updated with their offers. Salons often have subscription cards and discount offers, look out for them and mark the dates. Make or pamper yourself beautiful with the amazing discounts on your birthdays, after all, beauty comes from the inside, inside the salon.

Bring a Friend:
Have you been holding off to experimenting with your looks because it’s scary or has an attention span of a child and gets bored easily? Then bring a friend to hold your hand through thick and thin, or to gossip about your, hot, new neighbor.

Detox it All:
Go light the day of your visit. Have lighter meals and limit the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Turn off your phone and try to make the most out of your appointment, detox your mind and body.

Netflix and avoid people:
Are you a lone wolf, and like me are allergic to people then personally speaking, I find this as a great opportunity to take a long nap, but if your someone who doesn’t fall asleep outside their bedroom, then ask your salon to put up your favorite movie, and if your salon doesn’t offer this, then bring in a laptop and headphones and watch away your favorite Netflix series.

Beast, is that you?
This is that one day, where ladies! please prefer comfortable attire over stylish, choose something that’s comfortable and practical, not so much that you’re in there in your pajamas, but enough to look comfortable and confident to rock the world.

Tips, feedback, and recommendations:
Reflect on your experience, journal it down for your upcoming visits or leave them a message for some improvement. leave tips and express how much you enjoyed the time you spent with your stylist, as gratuity is always nice to receive and leaves a pleasant taste for both parties.
Lastly but most importantly, Don’t ruin the visit by running back to home to catch up on the work or to do your dishes, it’s easy to ruin a perfect manicure, instead take the rest of the day off and reminisce the love and pampering you received today putting off all your chores for the next day or till your partner gets tired of your bum does it for you.

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